Want to get your Southwest Florida home remodeled or want to invest in a custom home? If you are interested in building your dream home in Southwest Florida, finding a perfect contractor is essential.

Although there are hundreds of contractors in SWFL, choosing the right one may prove to be a tricky task. However, when it comes to remodeling or building a home in SWFL, the first and most important step is choosing the right company.

Before you hire a contractor in Southwest Florida for a remodel or new construction project, here are a few questions we advise you ask and have clear answers for.

Q: Do They Have a Valid Contractors License?

Regardless of the nature of the job, it is important to hire a reliable contractor. Ask the contractor for his credentials – a valid contractor license and insurance. Any contractor who is confident in their services won’t hesitate to show them.

Also, check out the online reviews left by previous customers and look at what people have been saying about them. However, don’t rely completely on the online reviews as they are just a small part of theprocess.

Q: How Long Have They Been Working In The Industry?

A good contractor must be in the industry long enough to provide at least fifteen to twenty references of people you can get in touch with. While an experienced contractor does not always guarantee a better job, they should be able to provide a portfolio or boast a proven track record of work which displays their craftsmanship.

Q: Do The Employees Carry Company Insurance?

What if one of the workers falls from a ladder and breaks a limb? Who will be responsible if he is not insured? It will be YOU. Therefore, to avoid paying someone’s medical bills, make sure the chosen contractor can cover their employees with a company insurance. All the workers, that will be present on-site, must be insured before you allow any work to commence.

Q: What Is The Estimated Timeline For The Project?

The contractor should give you a specific amount of time needed to complete the project. While unexpected problems may arise, a skilled
contractor must be able to give an estimated time for the completion of your project. If the contractor is unable to complete the work within the given timeframe, the contract should stipulate any deductions or compensation for the delay.

Q: How Often Had He Completed The Project Within Expected Time?

Well, the answer you want to hear is most of the time. While you should not expect a percentage-type answer, knowing how often the
contractor had stayed true to his commitment will help you know a thing or two about him. To get a more accurate answer on this question, you can ask some of the provided references whether the contractor had completed the work on time or not.

Q: Will There Be an On-Site Manager?

The contractor should provide you with the name of a specific person who will be present at the site every day. You should know whom to
contact in case something goes wrong. You need to have a person who can give you the latest updates on the progress of the project. If the contractor won’t stay on-site or doesn’t provide you with the name of an on-site manager, don’t hire him.

Q: Will He Provide Guarantee on the Work?

The chosen contractor must offer a guarantee on his work for a specified amount of time. Typically, this can range from six months to a year and in some instances even longer. Contractors usually offer a warranty on their workmanship and or any defective materials. Nobody purchases an electronic gadget without some type of warranty against defects. Therefore, we advise you not work with a contractor who doesn’t give a guarantee for his work.

Q: What Will Be The Payment Schedule?

Different contractors offer different payment schedules, but remember never to pay for the work in its entirety before the project is completed. Paying the entire amount upfront can prove to be a costly mistake if the contractor isn’t legit and/or he leaves the job unfinished. It’s common to make a fair down payment and set a payment plan that is tied to the progress of the project.

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