For some people, owning a home in Florida is not just a goal but a dream. For those who have worked and sacrificed for the opportunity to build a home to their liking, the location of their new home must not be overlooked. In fact, if you have been planning on buying real estate in Florida, what’s the most important thing that needs your attention? Finding the best lot!!

When it comes to real estate, it’s a known fact that location is key and not every location is the same. Did you know, building a great house starts with choosing the perfect lot? But picking the perfect lot for your new home is at times the most difficult task of the
building process. While it is much easier to buy a resale home, accepting the challenge of finding the perfect lot for a new build could prove to be even more advantageous in the long run. In fact, those who understand this are particular about the lot they choose to build their home on because it determines several important things such as:

  • The overall price of the land
  • Level of privacy
  • The utility bills and/or tax rates
  • Future resale value of the house

In Southwest Florida, many people yearn to own a house with water views; be it a canal, river, or lake. Those who who enjoy their privacy may prefer to have their home back up to a a preserve or conservation area, which assures them that nothing will be built behind their house. Likes and dislikes aside, the point we are trying to convey is that there are literally dozens of facts to consider before choosing the best lot to build your home in Southwest Florida.

As a result, we have made this guide to help you choose the best lot to build your dream home in Southwest Florida.

  • Corner Lots

    Previously, corner lots were a great choice because they were a bit larger and thus provided people with a nice backyard which could also be accessed through a side road. This is perfect for those who may want to have a work truck parked in the back yard or maybe a play place for children. Corner lots also provide for a better view and thus are still well sought after by homebuyers. But with the ever increasing population in Florida, the solitude once enjoyed by corner houses is quickly becoming a thing of the past as traffic continues to rise. Furthermore, in an effort to squeeze in more houses, developers have begun to eliminate larger backyards and side yards all together, thus eliminating the size advantage they once had. However, after all things are considered, if you find a corner lot at the right price and don’t mind the extra traffic, go for it!

  • Busy Roads

    Although realtors won’t admit it because they obviously don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot, we want to warn you of the pitfalls of buying a lot off a busy road. Simply put, don’t invest in lots in Southwest Florida that back up to a busy road, period. This should be an obvious fact, however people continue to make this mistake all the time and eventually have a hard time selling as a result. Homes along busy roads are too noisy and are less desirable to homebuyers; as a result, they tend to have lower resale value. As such, you may want to check with your realtor and see if you can get hold of a map to better help you understand the layout of roads. Sometimes, there are roads still in development which when completed could render your once quiet road the busiest street on the block. Therefore, we recommend you use free online tools like Google Earth when shopping for a your lot, so you can see the impact future development can have on your home in the near future.

  • Prime Location

    It is crucial to find a lot in a good location, but there are a few factors to consider which are essential to determining whether your lot is in a prime location. A good location is obviously that which is in close proximity to your work, grocery store, hospital, schools, shopping center and whatever else is of great concern to you and your family. As the old saying goes, in real estate, the three most important things are location, location, and location; so make sure to choose wisely. However, it’s important to understand that a lot in a good location today, may prove to be a prime location tomorrow if the right development spouts up around it. Did you know Municipal governments usually have a ten or twenty year plan for growth and development which is public information for all who wish to see? If it’s not available online, we recommend going down to your local city planners office and looking at what and where they plan to build in the near future. This may prove essential in determining your future property value if your able to secure a lot which will potentially be close to highly desirable future development. If you use a little foresight, chances are your good area will eventually become a prime location.

  • Access to Amenities

    Another important thing to consider when choosing the perfect lot to build on is if it has access to city amenities such as public sewer
    and city water supply? Of course there are many homes throughout Florida with septic tanks or wells for water dug in the backyard. But
    those homes require the installation of reverse osmosis water filtration systems for the whole house, as Florida water is known to have salt issues and contains sulfur, iron and other impurities. Therefore, although not essential, some homeowners like knowing that they won’t be required to hookup to the city’s sewer or water mains when the infrastructure is provided. This can prove to be detrimental to your homes’ resale value down the line.

  • Lot Shape

    Avoid investing in a lot that has an irregular shape. You can find an irregular shaped lot when a house is built on a dead-end or in a
    community where lot sizes are at a premium. While these lots measure bigger than other homes present in the vicinity, the house is often built on one side of the lot; thus, affecting the usability of the lot. This may also prove to be a negative if you later seek a permit to expand your homes square footage or even include a pool etc.

  • You Are Not Alone

    Once you have selected a lot for your new Southwest Florida home, IB Homes can help you build your dream home in less than 160 days. IB Homes has a team of certified experts with vast experience in new construction and remodeling services on hand. No project is too big or too small for us, as we have the experience needed to turn your dream home into reality.

    Whether you choose to build one of our models, change the floor plan around to suit your specific requirements, or prefer a custom built home completely based on your ideas, IB Homes can build it for you. For more information contact an IB Homes sales professional at (239) 205-5976 today.