For anyone who resides in the Sunshine State, the climate offers a unique experience. The Sunshine state boasts a tropical climate which
is warm and sunny most days of the year. But the region’s humidity and rain pose a challenge for homeowners. This is the reason a majority of Floridians no longer want carpet floors in their homes. In this article we discuss the most popular floor covering options available and why Floridians prefer them over the disadvantages associated with the once popular carpeting of yesterday.

When choosing new flooring, it is important that your choice material is compatible with the climate, as inherently incompatible flooring may incur high repair and reinstallation costs. Thus, to keep their homes pristine and well-maintained, Floridians are following the recent trend of installing ceramic or porcelain tiles, as well as vinyl or laminate flooring as carpeting continues to wane in popularity.

  • Breeding Ground for Mites

    If one of your family members suffers from asthma or other allergies, you should know that carpet floors can be detrimental to their health as they require regular cleaning to avoid becoming the perfect environment for various allergens. As Floridians well know from experience, during the rainy season which spans half the year from May to October, carpeting and its foam padding underneath provides a dry habitat for a variety of mites looking to escape the water outdoors. Thus, without regular cleaning and pest control, carpets can foment a harmful environment for those who suffer from allergies.

  • Retain Odor and Stains

    Did you spill red wine on the carpet? Did your little one wipe his/her hands on the carpet? Occasional food spills sometimes go unnoticed if the stain is not large or if the carpets are darker in color. However, although not visible on the surface, some spills not tended to immediately could wreak havoc beyond what our eyes can see. Foul odors and other issues tend to creep up on homeowners with carpet flooring, especially if they have pets. Some spend constantly on deodorizing carpet powder which doesn’t do much beyond the surface and is futile if the spill seeped into the padding beneath. Furthermore, it should be noted that mold is a concern among Florida residents due to its naturally wet and humid environment. As such, improperly insulated areas around windows and doors where moisture is prevalent provides the ideal environment for the growth of various types of mold; which could not only cause foul odor, but also prove to be a serious health hazard.

  • The Pet Dilemma

    More and more Floridians with small children or pets at home are choosing to forgo carpet floors for more hygienic options. It’s a fact, pets and carpets just don’t get along. Dogs and cats constantly shed hair, which turns carpet cleaning into a painstakingly routine task. Moreover, dogs tend to urine more and it tends to have a more pungent smell than other animals, thus making the task of eliminating the odor more difficult.

  • High Maintenance Cost

    It’s true, initially carpet floors are cheaper than ceramic tile flooring, but in the long run, they will prove to be a burden. If not
    maintained properly, carpet floors can get ruined almost overnight. Furthermore, costs associated with professional cleaning of carpeting is higher than maintaining other types of floorings. Even if well maintained, those everlasting indentations left behind by the weight of furniture placed on top of carpets is a turnoff for homebuyers. As a result, having carpet floors whether in good or poor condition tends to decrease the value of homes in Florida.

  • In conclusion

    With a long list of disadvantages, replacing carpets with ceramic tile flooring is a wise decision. As such, Floridians are finding the initial cost of installing a modern tile or vinyl flooring far exceeds the cons associated with using carpets. We strongly believe any professional not in the carpet industry will agree and advise against the use of carpets in your home.

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