Is moving to Southwest Florida the best decision? Should I wait a bit before planning the move? Is Southwest Florida a good place to live? What is the real market like? Will I be able to secure a beautiful home?

Are these some of the questions going around in your mind? Are you planning to move to Southwest Florida but still have some doubts? When planning a move to Florida, you must have heard captivating stories of the perfect beach paradise and petrifying stories of alligators, bears, and sinkholes.

But Southwest Florida is more than sun and alligators. Today, we will discuss top the 10 reasons why you should consider relocating or retiring in the beautiful Sunshine State of Southwest Florida.

1. The Sunshine State

Southwest Florida’s weather is one of the biggest appealing factors for those looking forward to moving to this beautiful state. If you are tired of shoveling snow and dealing with wetlands, visit Florida.

With the average temperature ranging between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, there is no shortage of sun. While summers boast of a scorching sun, winters put up a great show with a comfortable temperature.

2. Best American Beaches

If the Florida sun is getting too hot for you, take a dip at a beach. There is no shortage of beaches in Southwest Florida as the region boasts of some of the best American beaches. Notable beaches present in the region are:

  • Palm Beach
  • Clearwater Beach
  • Siesta Key Beach
  • South Beach
  • Atlantic Beach

When in Florida, you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking out the swimsuit and flip-flops hiding in the closet. Are you packing your bags already?

3. Cost of Living

Want to know if you could afford to live in Southwest Florida? This is perhaps the most important question in someone’s mind when they plan a move. Southwest Florida residents benefit a lot from the lack of unnecessary taxes. Everything tends to be more affordable as compared to other American states.

4. Spot a Celebrity

While walking or driving in Southwest Florida, there are chances you might spot a famous sports figure, a rich business tycoon or a famed author. A large number of celebrities call Florida their home and are often seen here. You may even spot some Hollywood eminent personalities here.

5. Food, Food, Food

Southwest Florida is a paradise for food lovers. No matter what kind of cuisine you love, you won’t be disappointed here. Floridians are proud of their food culture and eat a mix of cuisine. Here you will notice fresh fruits everywhere along with delicious and tempting fresh seafood.

When considering your move to Southwest Florida, you can envision the opportunities to enjoy parties, festivals, and delicious food year-around. Do you know, various organizations across the state host their own food and wine festivals? Who would like to miss that?

6. Dreams Do Come True

If you have always wanted to visit the Walt Disney World, you will be in luck if you choose to move to Southwest Florida. While staying in Southwest Florida, you get a chance to visit one of the most iconic amusement parks anytime you want.

While we agree that it is a popular tourist destination, being a resident of Southwest Florida gives you the flexibility to visit the Disney World during the offseason. So you can now watch the Disney characters come to life and click pictures with them. Wouldn’t it be great?

7. Everyone is Here

Southwest Florida boasts of a diverse range of cultures. Here you will find people from everywhere – The Midwest, Northeast and even around the globe. Here you will always feel like home because you will find someone that’s just right for you.

8. No State Tax

Did you know, Florida is one of the seven American states that have no income tax for any resident? Yes, that’s correct. So provided you qualify to be a Florida resident, you are not required to pay any tax on your earned income.

With a house of your own and a well-paying job, you will feel a positive improvement in your financial situation if you choose to live in the Sunshine State. So are you ready to move to Southwest Florida? Well, wait a bit as we have listed a few more benefits.

9. Outdoor Activities

Whether it’s about food, cultural diversity, shopping, and activities, did we just said activities? Well, if you plan to move to Southwest Florida, you can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. You get opportunities to play golf, tennis, go kayaking, canoeing, hiking or indulge in bird watching. If you have kids, they will love it here.

10. Dream Homes

Along with no state tax, do you know Southwest Florida has the lowest property taxes in the United States? So, if you have been planning to buy your dream home or want to get it custom build, you can reach out to IB Homes – your custom home contractors serving the Southwest Florida region.

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