Have you often heard people saying, “The golden years of your life should be filled with plenty of sunshine, good weather, and lots of time? Young adults should invest in the right property early to enjoy the latter years of their lives in a hassle-free manner. Middle-aged adults, who are at the cusp of retirement, have the freedom to choose the best place to live their retirement life comfortably, conveniently and at peace.”

Well, there are plenty of reasons why baby boomers are choosing the Sunshine State of Southwest Florida to sit back and relax after they retire.

Here we discuss four reasons that make Southwest Florida a sought-after destination by retirees.

Good Weather, Sunshine, and More

Southwest Florida offers a wide choice of temperatures. It does not have the usual sand and snow weather; rather, the weather remains pleasant for most part of the year. With an average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit, the region offers a perfect weather that is not too freezing in winters nor too sweltering in summers. The weather gives retirees a chance to enjoy their outdoor life to the maximum.

No or Intangible Taxes

All of us favor places with cheaper or no taxes, right? With no state income tax, inheritance tax, estate tax, or property tax, Southwest Florida boasts of having some of the lowest taxes in the country. Moreover, retirement income and social security are also non-taxable in Southwest Florida.

While there is 6% sales tax, food and prescribed and non-prescribed drugs are exempted. Property taxes vary throughout the state. Therefore, before you plan to buy a property in Southwest Florida, make sure you know what the insurance cost and the property taxes are like. Low-income adults over the age of 65, disabled people, and widows or widowers can avail the benefit of additional exemptions.

Recreational Outdoor Activities

Southwest Florida’s great weather makes it easy to enjoy both, the land and the water. Seniors can enjoy plenty of outdoor recreational activities as well as indoor activities. Here you will find plenty of seniors enjoying different water sports activities or soaking up in the sun.

So whether you love angling, want to indulge in day-cruising, or prefer brackish water over fresh water, Southwest Florida has something for everyone. Of course, you can enjoy your retirement life without indulging in water sports. Local colleges and universities offer lifelong courses for those who want to learn something new. Whether you are a bookworm, art lover or want to learn music, the region offers plenty of opportunities to pursue your passion after retirement.

Vacation within the State

Retiring in Southwest Florida has its own perks as you will only be a few miles away from other exciting destinations present within the state. There’s no need to fly for hours at a stretch to get to your favorite Florida destinations.

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